The popularity of opal transcends gender boundaries. Opal engagement rings can be easily and adaptably shaped, both masculine and feminine, modern or "vintage" (classic), regardless of its color. Due to its personality and lack of "stereotypes" (unlike diamonds, emeralds or rubies), Boulder opals are perfect for men when made into silver or leather bracelets or the stunning black opal "Boss Ring". Opal engagement ring comes in a multitude of styles and tastes, from Victorian to Art Deco or a modern/contemporary design.

Especially since social media sites like Pinterest have become de facto virtual wish lists for all things lovely, unusual, and seductive, demand in opal engagement rings has been on the rise over the past five or so years.

We've been helping clients choose THE rings for some time now, and while we've written a few posts on what to look out for, we thought it was time for an update.

To begin with, Australian Opal is as hard as glass at 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Even though it is not as brittle as Emerald, care must be used when handling this stone so as not to scratch its surface. However, a solid and protected setting is necessary to keep your opal in ideal shape.

So, let's analyze what makes an engagement ring successful.


Modern? Contemporary? Traditional? Consider the individual's taste and sense of fashion. There's no point in coming up with some crazy, out-there ring design if all the customer wants is a classic band with a few accent stones.


The opal's domed surface (cabochon) adds to its play of color and attraction; nevertheless, a high cabochon in an everyday engagement ring can render it prone to knocking. In most cases, a cabochon with a medium or low setting is what we advocate for. A Boulder Opal works wonderfully for this because of its undulating surface and relatively flat shape compared to a traditional cabochon opal.


While some may believe that big is better, others have found that taking a more moderate size has yielded superior results. Even though 10mm x 8mm is quite large for a ring stone, it's not something we often suggest for an engagement ring. Proportion, as in finger size versus opal size, would be the deciding factor here. It seems reasonable to think that a large gemstone would look out of place on the finger of someone who is a size J (US 5). Even if this is the style you're looking for, it's not something you'd want to wear every day.

Ring size

Resizing sizes is not a major hassle as long as you stay within a range of four sizes. It's preferable to have the proper fit the first time around.


Spend only what you can afford. It's been brought to our attention more than once that many couples want to make a custom setting out of 18-karat yellow gold and a black opal for less than $200. The opal itself may cost as much as $2000, with the setting costing a further $1,000 to $2,000. I promise it'll be worthy to you.

Gold Opal Engagement Rings

The "hallmark," a certification of the quality and type of metal (alloy) used to produce the ring, is etched into the interior of the ring's (or pendant's) shank and is one of its most significant features. You can ask your jeweler to check the hallmark and tell you what it is, but if you want to know more about component, you can also inquire as to "do you know what percentage of nickel is used in the alloy," since nickel concentrations above 17% can exacerbate skin irritations in people with nickel allergies.

Silver Opal Engagement Rings

Understanding the mechanisms that underlie historical silver prices in terms of the metal's exchange might be helpful in figuring out how and why its price varies. A "live" silver price is produced by the trading of silver "bullion" in dollars and cents per ounce on a global scale at all times.

The time-honored way to invest is to purchase jewelry! It is important to note the real metal weight and value held in your precious silver opal engagement rings designs since metal value supports the billion dollar global jewelry business.

White gold opal rings

White gold was first created to mimic platinum (a naturally white metal). The typical composition of white gold is 75% gold, 25% nickel, and zinc. It should be 75% pure gold if it had an 18 karat. By applying "rhodium plating" to make yellow gold white, it is frequently possible to produce "white gold."

Compared to palladium, rhodium is a more expensive metal. In contrast to Palladium, which is required for White Gold, less Rhodium is required for Rhodium plating. White gold still needs to be plated with rhodium to seem truly "white" and platinum is more expensive. Check out more of our opal rings.

Opal Engagement Ring benefits

It increases creativity and increases energy. It facilitates the expression of one's true self.

Opal is a stone of Venus, the planet that rules relationships and luxury in Vedic astrology. Wearing an opal stone ring, then, promotes harmony and contentment in a relationship and aids in leading a more satisfying life rich in grace, charm, luxury, and culture.

Opal ring aids in achieving a higher social status. Brings fame, fame and money.

Opal engagement ring has a lot of advantages for those couple who work in the arts, such as those who paint, play music, perform in theater, or dance, etc. 

Opal engagement rings have health advantages for the endocrine system and maintain the proper level of hormone production.

Opal is said to enhance body functioning, and is particularly successful in treating urinary and kidney issues.

Opal engagement rings are said to be associated with romantic love. Opal ring also aids in obtaining material comforts. Opal can solve a wide range of issues related to numerous aspects of life.