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About Us

Elleroses was established in 2020 on the idea of creating an online store where you could buy fine jewelry with all the convenience of not having to leave your house.

With a unique online business strategy, we transformed the market by enabling customers purchase exceptional, high-quality opal jewelry at a competitive price. 

Additionally, we firmly believe our clients deserved more options, clear information, and outstanding service. Our service gives you the peace of mind to buy with confidence, and our exclusive 3D feature allows you to view every dazzling detail before you buy. To put it simply, we're bringing the jewelry store to you.

Uinque Stones

Whether you're looking for fire opal, black opal or boulder opal, you can be sure you're getting a quality gemstone from Elleroses. There are no two opals that are identical, therefore it's important for us to help you look for the one that catches your eye. 

Only the most attractive opals from each grade are sold by our experts after carefully inspecting each one. Regardless of the grade you select, our meticulous inspection procedure ensures that your opal has maximum sparkle and breathtaking brilliance.

Make Your Dream Jewelry Come True

We believe the opal jewelry makes everyone unique and brings good luck. We're always coming up with new designs and trying to make it easier for you to choose and create the ideal item for every occasion.


You may be pleased and sure of your Elleroses purchase since we have always purchased opals directly from the most renowned suppliers who share our commitment to the highest ethical standards.