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15 Dec Are More People Buying Opal Engagement Rings?
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In 2023, people are starting to consider alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings. Inquiring minds want to know, "What is the most recent trend i..
13 Dec Why do I love fire opal rings?
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Fire opal rings are not like the opal rings we're familiar to at all! Prior to the arrival of the Spanish in what is now Mexico and Central America, t..
09 Dec Benefits of wearing opal rings for women
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Opal rings elegantly display their color because they are always spinning and moving, catching the light, and causing the rainbow hues to dance and ex..
06 Sep Things To Consider When Buying an Opal Engagement Ring
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The popularity of opal transcends gender boundaries. Opal engagement rings can be easily and adaptably shaped, both masculine and feminine, modern or ..
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